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Why KCC?

The futuristic vision of KCC has a farsighted and strict disciplinary methodology for grooming the kids into the cadets to meet its needs . KCC follows the curriculum CBSE, state government. It displays the ideas of imagine- think- create mode to offer a variety of subjects related to his future career to enable the student to discover his hidden brilliance of aptitude. It prepares the children self-sufficient and ready for the entrance exam of sainik schools like NISE, A9SSE, RIMC and Military schools. It brings out the children’s overall knowledge reasoning ability to think concisely and accurately.

KCC authenticates its students as better cadets the mind and the soul need to come together to fight against circumstances. This means a fusion of sound knowledge and spirit. A sound spirit is inherent to an Indian but sound knowledge can be gained better at the national level and not the state level. Knowledge gained under sagacious professors only and not just qualified ones can stand the test of time. And this superior knowledge is given in the institutions offering professional education at the national level in all fields. KCC takes individual care of a student of not only academic excellence but also his mental, spiritual and hygienic grounds providing homely atmosphere for the student to develop himself in all phases without the feeling any homesickness.

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