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Hostel life at KCC

Children are the apples of eye of the parents and more than that to KCC. They are safeguarded on the grounds of health and pleasure, with utmost care and love in the orchard of KCC to spread their sweet fragrance around the globe. So, life at KCC for students is a joyful experience of learning with ease. 

The word ‘hostel’ describes an attitude, a philosophy of fraternity and born to conquer the leadership qualities, joining the people of different  attitudes  and sharing thoughts to display the motto of UNITED WE STAND, divided we fail. The kcc hostel facilitates the opportunity to make lots of friends and enable them to get adapted to the new environment. They are built in serene locations, which give fresh air and peaceful place to learn. The students share their ideas and thoughts homely and friendly.

A spacious well equipped dormitory with double- tier beds are arranged   for cozy sleep as mother’s lap. Early raise at 5 o clock following meditation for thirty minutes sets the body and soul ready to serve the young cadets the whole day. The next daily routine consisting fresh up.

Food Dining and Recreation

In appropriate cases. parents are informed depending on the severity of the problem. On residential campuses, doctors on roll visit twice a day to look after the health needs of students. If it is felt necessary, the problems will be dealt with by the specialists. Qualified compounders are also present on the campus round the clock.

Healthy nourishment

Healthcare of students is given top priority in KCC. An in-house dispensary is kept open to attend to emergency needs round the clock.

The menu on KCC cuisine card dishes out wholesome, nourishing and wide variety of food that gives strength and delights the taste buds of every student. It offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. Our utmost priority is to provide delicious and healthy food. We also ensure complete sanitation in the cooking area. We follow variety and proper timings through our dedicated team of chefs. We follow strict time schedules for meals and for our canteens to inculcate good eating habits.

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