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Chairman: Mr. KODALI RAMU, MCM

The Man behind the victory of KCC, Mr. Kodali Ramu, the Chairman, always strived to make the ordinary kids into the vigorous abled Cadets with ease. The accountable committed man of virtue and tolerance, Mr. Kodali places himself at front to render service in making the cadets’ aspired destiny in reach and thus he takes the institution to enviable heights. A versatile founder and Researcher in the field of competitive exams primarily for the Military and Army Forces, Mr. Kodali systematically designed the core plan of the course material which results into successful journey with leaps and bounds, it has its lion’s share in results comparing to other related institutions. Since its start of its historical journey in 1996, under the mentorship of Mr. Kodali, it has no setback in its legendary path of milestones.

Being an ideal visionary, his endeavor to make the best force for Mother India, with the war-cry of ASPIRE, PERSPIRE AND WIN, has been always fruitful. It means primarily, to have a strong desire to succeed to be industrious and then grab the victory. Only book knowledge is not adequate to become win it demands the added ethical, philosophical and traditional spiritual touch with life skills to make a righteous professional of the defence.

An experienced vulnerable and enviable educator, Mr. Kodali stands aloof in his thoughts of developing the institution’s reputation adopting the quotation of THINK BIG ACHIEVE BIG. Following the same methodology, he motivates the students as well as the managerial team to’ think high, achieve high’.

From the day of inception, Mr. Kodali has been victoriously steering the wheel of Administration with the qualities of Devotion, Dedication to the Duty and under his strategic planning, budding kcc is growing into robust academic institution for defence day by day and glowing year by year. Man of Simplicity, Synonym of Sincerity, he is an icon and it is the apt word suitable to him. It is needless to say that under his supervision KICC stands aloof as an abode for the golden future for the aspirants with perseverance coated with exploratory zeal to find themselves in reality of their dream. He is an ideal example for the students to carve their life in words, conduct and career.

The Chairman Mr. Kodali Ramu has been a researcher over the years in the field of competitive examinations and so he has thoroughly designed a unique result oriented , self-reliant and ‘ learning made easy’ course in mathematics and sciences that scrapes the students to shed off drowsy dullness and activates them to stand as a pride of KCC in first grade. This uniquely designed alumni has equipped many of a child to occupy a coveted positions in various prestigious fields of air forces, military, defence and so on. Thus this conceptual teaching enriches the students’ innate talents for their steady growth in personal and professional traits.

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