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Accountable Governance

The institution is administered by the Man behind the victorious legend of KCC, Mr. Kodali Ramu, an MCM, The Chairman, with the assistance of his intellectual and industrious staff in academic and non-academic wings. He has been a great educational researcher in competitive exams over past 25 years and so has a clear vision and view in making different children in different perspective approaches respectively. He successfully administered the Kodali Educational Society in single hand and so it is not a difficult task for him to manage the aspirants to guide to train them as the abled cadets, suitable and flexible in their future careers in learning to tame the beasts like horses and ride, and withstand to wildrill-bedrock of discipline, striving to beat the elements of nature, passing out the coarse circumstances, to face the challenges and so on. This is possible only with a vigorous training. Our coaching helps the children sail together with team spirit as well as to lead. The students set on the tasks with a strong will, determination and indomitable spirit, possessing the epitome of confidence and concentration to set foot even at the peacock bay; they will be ready to make an Entry with Pride as cadets for the Defence in setting the standards aloof to make themselves to dominate the skies of their ambition and to steer the oars of hurdles at their command. Mr Kodali is very tactful in training the kids in such way that they become the Pride of the Nation as well as the Pride of the KCC. Mr. Kodali sees his dream ambition coming true in the students’ success. The service Mr.Kodali renders is unquenched and untiring and ever zealous with ease. Stress-free education with zeal and fun is the priority of KCC for its students. So, bearing it in mind, the staff marches forward in the suitable path fulfil the demands.



Mrs. Sandhya Devi

Administative Officer

Mrs. Sasikala k

Academic adviser

Mrs. Sailaja

Faculty of Mathematics

A Word to Parents …….

It has been my long-time dream to dedicate myself to the field of education and to strive to equip the students with knowledge and life-skills required to secure the admissions in the topmost institutes in the country. Thus born education centre was the Kodali Educational Society, which later flourished as the Korukonda Coaching Centre. The objective of training, in essence, is to impart the academic and technological training of the highest quality in order to enable the cadets with appropriate qualification as foundation for their service careers. The Conduct check focused on training to enable cadets leads to achieve the requisite physical and endurance of the standards, with proficiency in troop games. It is to inculcate in cadets the qualities of leadership in them, and a desire for self- improvement including a drive to excel in every sphere. We incorporate the culture of jointmanship in training and promote the same spirit in their thought, word and deed. Conduction of high quality basic military training service and technological training is provided to enable the cadets to have a strong foundation in their service careers and to hone the skills of cadets to articulate their thoughts coherently, concisely and clearly, both in speech and writing. We emphasize on overall personality development of a cadet by inculcating a sense of self-discipline, honour, integrity, duty, camaraderie and sense of pride. The endeavour at the Academy has been on, to continuously upgrade the training methodologies and infrastructure with a view to provide training conforming to standards laid down by the COSC. With the synergetic approach, the Academy has been fulfilling this onerous task. I strongly believe that no nation can rise above the level of its Teacher. I now take the opportunity from the bottom of my heart to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the parents and well-wishers who stood as a good support to bloom the Study Centre with their co-operation and kind suggestions. I request the same from them in future and take pledge that I reach to their satisfaction to secure their kind support and assistance with love in store for ever with my sincere dedication and industry. Signature
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